Housing Denmark on pending case in the media

Housing Denmark on pending case in the media

Recently, it has been possible in a number of media to read about the DR correspondent Matilde Kimer and her family, who have been exposed to what can rightly be called "tenants from hell". Matilde
Kimer had rented out his house via Housing Denmark. Unfortunately, it turned out that the tenant that the family had chosen - a single mother, was a "straw man". The property was used to run brothels.

Housing Denmark's director and founder, Steen Lundsfryd, participates in an upcoming episode of DR’s consumer program Kontant and regrets the course:
“In connection with the case of Matilde Kimer, it is important for Housing Denmark to emphasize that we are very sad about the process. Unfortunately, we - or others - can not completely guard against tenants who lie and cheat. According to the law, we are not allowed to make extensive background checks of possible tenants, but we naturally look at whether something could have been approached differently in the case of the specific tenant. ”

Housing Denmark is a housing broker, and every year we rent out many hundreds of homes through our website, network and advertisements. In the same way that real estate agents help find buyers. We present the possible tenants to the landlord, who can choose between the possible items.
We have also done this in the case of Matilde Kimer. The tenant appeared to be an honest person, but both Housing Denmark and Mathilde Kimer were fooled and lied to in a cynical and cunning way.

For 17 years we have helped rent out homes, and over the many years we have had three comparable cases. However, there have been milder cases than in the case of Matilde Kimer. In other words, this is an extraordinary case that Housing Denmark has had to deal with.

When we receive the first information about problems at the rental address at the end of September, we will contact the tenant. We also go out to the address on several occasions. We refer Matilde Kimer and her family to our lawyer association. The case goes to the bailiff's court in November, and during December the tenant leaves the house. During the process, Housing Denmark has been in contact with Matilde Kimer's family more than 20 times and spent many resources on helping the family. We have reimbursed the majority of our fees per kulance, as an expression of our understanding of the family's situation.

Housing Denmark fully understands that it has been frustrating for Matilde Kimer and her family that the Danish system is "heavy" and elongated when it comes to the tenancy law, the bailiff's court, etc. In this case, they managed to get the tenant together. out of the house in less than two months.