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Housing Denmark Marketplace

Who are we

Housing Denmark Marketplace is Denmark's new serious online marketplace for homeowners who want to rent their homes primarily to companies, embassies and organizations - in short, the good tenant! Housing Denmark Marketplace a part of Housing Denmark, which is Denmark's largest housing agency.


Housing Denmark Marketplace gives you, completely free, great opportunities for renting your home. You save the salary away without compromising either security, visibility or marketing.


Easy and straightforward

At www.housingdenmarkmarketplace.com you can easily and just create your own housing ad, make a good descriptive and explanatory text, upload pictures of your property and set a realistic rental price. Your housing advertisement will then be available to the entire Housing Denmark Global Network, which uses Housing Denmark at high frequency when their foreign employees need a rental property - typically for periods of 3 months - 3 years. Your home will also be shown free of charge on all other relevant housing portals, such as. www.boligportal.dk, www.lejebolig.dk, www.boliga.dk and similar portals. It's quick and easy and you can do it yourself - and if you need the least help, our customer service department is ready through our online chat to answer your questions and help you in the purpose of setting up your home.


You choose yourself

Housing Denmark Marketplace offers many useful and practical services throughout the process. For example, you can With a single click, you can easily book professional housing photos and floor plans, for rental signs, relocation reports (statutory), management agreement, financial advice and much more.


As a landlord, you can settle and settle your housing at the Housing Denmark Marketplace - and you will get started right away. If you need help with making, for example, rental agreement, display of the property to tenants or wishing us to help you transfer your accommodation to your new tenant while making a professional relocation report, such services can be easily and conveniently purchased.