Furniture package – extra room

Type Services

Area All of Denmark

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Do you need an additional furnishing of a room than those we cover in our furniture packages? We offer complete furnishing of everything from your guest room, nursery or office, and make sure to keep the stylish quality throughout.

We take care of selecting, delivering and collecting your furniture. This saves you for a lot of time and hassle and ensures that all furniture complement each other in a balanced way. This package can be chosen for itself or as an addition to one of our furniture packages.

When you buy our extra furniture package, there are many options to choose from. Below you will find a few examples of our most popular furnishings. Many other combinations are possible. We help you to design the room according to your needs.

Children's bedroom:
• Cot and mattress
• Duvet, pillow, and bedding
• 2 pillows
• Carpet for the floor
• Dresser
• Lamp
• Picture

Guest Room:
• Bed / sofa bed
• Top mattress
• Duvet, pillow, and bedding
• Bedside table
• Draw
• Lamp

• Desk
• Office chair
• Work light
• Shelf
• Picture


High quality