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Which responsibilities do you have when you move out of your rental?
Your landlord undoubtedly expects to receive his home in good condition, but what details does that entail? Don't worry; we'll help you! When you team up with us, we give you concrete advice on what to do before the home is ready for transfer.

Along with your rental contract and Moving-in report, we can guide you on improvements to make to achieve a successful transfer and guarantee a satisfied landlord who comes home to housing in tip-top condition. To hand back the lease in the right condition is always preferable to all parties, as it ensures the fastest and most agile process. In this way, you as a tenant avoid unpleasant extra bills, and the transfer can take place efficiently and without conflicts.

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Pre move out

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Move-in and move-out report

Move-in and move-out report

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Moving in and moving out reports are mandatory when renting and ensures documentation of your tenant's obligations.

Move out report

Move out report

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Our moving-out report makes it easy to detect if damage or wear and tear have occurred during the rental period. We give a thorough review of your accommodation when moving out- thus you have documentation of your tenant's obligations.

Pre Move-In report

Pre Move-In report

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A Pre Move-In is a short, individual report with accessible and useful steps that you can advantageously consider to optimize your home. The improvements of your housing will ensure security with the intention of achieving the highest rental price, shorten the selling period and guarantee the best transfer.