The complete package

10,000 DKK

10,000 DKK VAT incl.

Type Administrationsaftaler

Area All of Denmark


The total package is your safest way to an easy rental process. With this complete package, you get everything you need and makes sure everything runs smoothly. It gives you more satisfied tenants and saves you a lot of time and effort.

We keep an eye on your accommodation while you are away and take care of your tenants with every need they may have. In this way, you will not be disturbed in the middle of your holiday or business trip. Furthermore, we ensure that your accommodation is spotlessly clean both before your tenants arrive and when they leave again.

In addition, we provide you with competent audit advice. You are guaranteed that all numbers will be registered as they should be and you will get the correct calculations in relation to taxes. Our auditing firm gives you individual advice on the most optimal tax scheme for your rental. With a professional accountant at your side, you can achieve tax savings of more than 2000 EUR annually.

The package includes the following services:
• Service module
• Maintenance module
• Supervision module
• Legal module
• Audit module - advising and help with accounting

The total package is composed of a number of single products. The normal price for the individual products is 2750 EUR. In this way, you save more than 50% when you select the Total package.



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