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We know the rental market

Housing Denmark Project Rental

Housing Denmark provides housing for both large and small companies, organizations, embassies and consulates that send employees to Denmark. Our extensive knowledge of the housing market means that we also solve tasks for many families around the world when they are posted to Denmark.

We specialize in providing all types of housing, in the best and most attractive areas in Copenhagen, North Zealand and Aarhus, Aalborg and Odense.

When you decide to go with Housing Denmark

We are the experienced player who knows the rental market - and has rented out homes since 2004. With 4 x Børsens Gazeller, we have burst into the rental market and at the same time proved that with our 5 x AAA credit ratings, we run a healthy financial company, which you can trust.

We offer the best, from two worlds; A fully digital company, combined with "boots on the ground". Thus, we can offer our customers the full experience and we are where they are. We are with you all the way, and advise from start to finish.

All our projects receive 100% exposure, both via our own platform and digital marketing, as well as on Denmark's leading rental housing portals, with which we collaborate. In addition to this, we also work with leading project developers, property developers and administrators.

When you decide to go with Housing Denmark When you decide to go with Housing Denmark

Specialists in the rental market

Housing Denmark er specialister i lejemarkedet og vi beskæftiger os KUN med udlejning – dermed undgår I eventuelle interessekonflikter, da vi ikke er ejendomsmæglere, og således er uafhængig af både banker og kreditforeninger. Vores tilgang er proaktiv, og ethvert projekt behandles specifikt, og modtager sin egen individuelle- og fleksible plan.

Derfor er Housing Denmark jeres garanti samt sikkerhed for en hurtig og succesfuld udlejning.

Project Rental

Project rental is a discipline in itself, and at Housing Denmark we have many years of experience with renting out new construction.

There are several approaches to establishing a successful collaboration. We can be involved right from the start of the project - provide advice on interior design, material selection and of course rent level. We can also be connected to the project when the rental is to start - typically a few months before moving in, where we provide the homes to the future tenants.

In all cases, the landlord gets the full effect of our experience and market knowledge, which combined with our self-developed ‘state of the art CRM’ ensures a successful letting of the project. If you have a portfolio of existing properties, we can also make re-rentals and guarantee low lying times and minimal vacancy.

Project Rental Project Rental

Facts about Housing Denmark A/S

Founded in 2004.

25 employees.

Denmark's largest housing broker.

Rents out an average of 3 homes a day.


Highest credit rating - Triple AAA.

5 Børsens Gazeller in a row.

Average length of stay of 41 days. (Figures from 2020)

Full Facility Management Service.

Project Rental