Housing Denmark Services

With a solid base in Housing Denmark's more than 15 years in the rental industry, Housing Denmark Services has specialized in all the services required for rental. We are proud to have developed custom-designed products for both landlord and tenant - but we are equally proud to offer products that go beyond the rental industry. Even ordinary homeowners with no ties to Housing Denmark are encouraged to view Housing Denmark Services as their preferred service partner.
We have a wide experience and experts associated with each area. This means that whether you need to remedy a everyday problem or that it is a specialist task - we are the right partner. Therefore, we do not hesitate to call ourselves Denmark's safest service company!

3 things you should be aware of!

1 Should you be a customer of Housing Denmark for using Housing Denmark Services?

No - it is not a requirement that you rent through Housing Denmark. We would also like to offer our expertise if you yourself have found a tenant.

In fact Housing Denmark Services are dedicated within our field of expertise to provide services to all.

2 Why are management agreements relevant to me as a landlord?

As a landlord, you often have to navigate unknown waters, so it can be good to join forces with experts. We can dedicate both the experience and exertion you need to achieve successful rental.

3 I am not a landlord - can I still make use of Housing Denmark Services products?

Yes! We serve both landlord, tenant and others with a home that needs a little extra. Thus, a large part of our customers are not at all landlords.