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With more than 15 years of experience in servicing properties we know, that everyone may need help at times. The property owner who moves far away from his home in Denmark may need our assistance in case of sudden emergencies, when he is no longer able to handle inquiries from his tenant. Similarly, we can advise you if your property needs maintenance or painting. We are ready to help! At Housing Denmark Services we offer everything from cleaning services to Move-In and Move-Out reports reports as well as painting assignments and advising you on possible tax deductions and much more, when you rent out your home. 

Housing Denmark Services have made it easy for both tenants and property owners. On our website, we offer a 24-hour possibility to mix and tailor our services to match your needs perfectly. Simply place your order in the shopping cart and pay with your credit card.

To start the process, just follow the six steps below.

How to

1 Define your needs

Before you visit our website, please consider what kind of assistance you might need from us. Feel free to get inspiration from our website. 

2 Find your product

Search through our services and find the product you want to buy.

3 Read about the product

Each service lists the basic information you need to know. Some services may seem more complicated than others, and we are always happy to assist you either by phone or mail if you have any questions. 

4 Add to basket

Click "Add to Basket" when you are sure you have made the right choice. Please note that for certain services you are only able to place a request. If so we will get back to you as soon as possible, no later than 24 hours. 

5 Buy and checkout

Once you have chosen one or more services, simply go to the checkout and pay. You will then recieve an order confirmation, which serves as final documentation of your purchase. 

6 Lean back and wait

We are 100% sure that you will be happy with your purchase, so now you just have to wait for "delivery".