In the FAQ below you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions. If you can not find the answer to your question, you are welcome to contact us.

Once you have purchased and paid for your item, you will receive an order confirmation. The order confirmation is proof of your purchase. Next weekday after your purchase, you will be contacted by us to arrange the final details of your purchase.

We use different suppliers for different services. We carry out a sample check with the products delivered, as well as we are pleased with the feedback we receive from our customers.

After moving in, you will receive the move in report. You must save it as it will be used for the final statement at the time of move out. If comments from the tenant are made, please also save these. 

After move out you will receive a move out report. If you are a landlord, compare the move in report with the move out report. If there are discrepancies, note these down and inform the tenant within 14 days. Once the reports have been reviewed and you have made a list of the inconsistencies, you should consider whether it is common wear and tear or it is worn. Wear and tear can be expected - at least to some degree. If there is a breach of contract, you must determine the extent of the damage in price. The price of the improvements must be reported to the tenant no later than 6 weeks after move out. If you are a tenant, you must review the landlord's list for inconsistencies. If it is listed correctly, you can expect an early settlement. Any inconsistencies in the landlord's list should be noted.

If the landlord and tenant can not agree on the deposit statement, we suggest initially that both parties consider the matter objectively and with a view to a memorable solution. If it is not possible to reach an agreement, the case must go to court.

Once you know the time of your move out, please contact us and book a time. Especially around the end of the month there may be a lot of demand, the sooner you book, the better.

Approval Guarantee is an additional security we provide on some of our products. This means that you, whether you are a tenant or landlord, are guaranteed that the purchased service meets the requirements expected in the industry. If not, we'll redo it right away. You will find approval for cleaning, window cleaning and painting tasks.