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Lavetten is an architectural property with a unique location right next to both magnificent natural countryside and exciting city life. The property is characterised by beautiful, sloping architecture with green roof surfaces, which ensures an optimal light incidence in the courtyard and apartments. The property contains 241 apartments, varying in size from 1-6 rooms, with 49 -175 m2. Here, you also get your own balcony or terrace, which offers optimal sunlight. Lavetten was built in 2019 and was designed by award-winning architects from Danielsen Architecture, and inspired by the classic inner-city areas of Copenhagen, in warm reddish-brown earth colours. The property's very special design feature, the sloping green roof surfaces, creates a beautiful, visual transition from Fælleden's beautiful countryside to the property's green courtyard. The courtyard offers play areas for the smallest of the family, as well as cosy areas where you can enjoy a cup of coffee with the neighbours.