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In Denmark, energy labeling of housing for sale and rentals are mandatory. By energy labeling, you will meet the requirements of the law, and at the same time, you are one step closer to reducing your energy costs. Your energy label is valid for 10 years.

Energy labeling must be available when you rent out your housing. It indicates how environmentally friendly your home is in relation to insulation and other factors concerning energy use and heating.

Energy labeling is mandatory for the sale of real estate as well as for rentals and new constructions. An energy label states the energy condition of the building and how it can improve.

How to use the energy label:
By energy labeling your house, you will get a lot of useful information. You get an overview of the house's energy consumption and the best solutions for improvements. Energy labeling is performed by a certified energy consultant who measures the building and examines the quality of insulation, windows and doors, heating installation, etc. On this basis, the building's energy consumption is calculated under the usual conditions for weather, family size, operation, consumption habits, etc.

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