Handyman Service

Type Rengøring, reparation mv.

Area All of Denmark

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Are you faced with a practical task that requires a little more knowledge of the subject than you dare to throw yourself into, or do you just need to save time by getting someone else to clear the lawn for you? Then our Handyman is ready to help you.

We offer a wide range of solutions for small practical tasks in the house, which we solve with expert hands. Our Handyman is a bit of a man-of-all-work and can therefore solve many different tasks. We recommend our Handyman for the following tasks:

• Light plumbing tasks - e.g. luminaire change
• Simple electrical tasks - e.g. hanging up the lamp
• Light carpentry tasks - e.g. putting up pictures and assembling furniture
•Occurring tasks such as removing furniture and removal of waste
• Light garden tasks - e.g. mowing

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