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The rental agreement is one of the most important matters when you rent out your home. It gives you both documentation with all mutual agreements on paper and clarifies what to do in case of disagreement. In addition, it ensures that you are guaranteed to receive the right price for all expenses and that you obtain all the benefits in relation to the law's instructions.

At Housing Denmark, we help you prepare the best rental contract. It is the cornerstone of securing the best rental process. We make sure you don't cheat yourself, and you get the best deal in place.

Many landlords have questions about what the lease should include, such as:
- How do I make sure I can get my home back as planned?
- How do I ensure that consumption costs are properly settled?
- How do I make sure that as a landlord I do not put myself worse than the law's instructions?

These issues can be difficult and time consuming to figure out on your own.
One has to keep in mind that rental agreements are very individual. Therefore, we help you tailor the best rental contract fitted to your home and your consumption expenses.
With an experienced and professional partner involved in the process, all the specific conditions that apply in your particular case are taken into account.

Why choose us?
Housing Denmark has:
- More than 15 years of experience in preparing leases
- Contributed to thousands of landlord's contracts
- We help you ensure that the framework for the rental period is in place.

Contact us today and get answers to your questions about rental agreements.
We are always ready to help you.


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If changes occur during the rental period, which make it necessary to change your contractual basis, it makes sense to formalize it in an addendum, which acts as an adjustment to your rental agreement.