Move out report

3,300 DKK

3,300 DKK VAT incl.

Type Ved flytning

Area All of Denmark


When the rental period is coming to an end, it is important to have the house inspected thoroughly when your tenants leave. Should there be any damage or wear and tear on the home, your tenant is obliged to pay compensation. This can only be legally documented via an official moving-out report.

This way, you avoid any situation where the turnout becomes word against word. The moving-out report also ensures that your tenant will take good care of your home as much as possible during the rental period, in order to avoid large extra bills.

Our moving-out report ensures a thorough review of your accommodation at the handover - thus you have documentation for the tenant's obligations. Due to the professional inspection, the report makes it easy to document whether there is damage or wear and tear to be compensated.

The moving-out report is mandatory for rental. We have 15 years of experience in preparing the report, which ensures the correct process. The report protects both you and your tenant and makes sure everything is done right. Safely leave the moving-out report to us and get a smooth rental experience.



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