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Being a landlord, there are many financial aspects that you need to keep track of. There are several financial rules to deal with, and you need to be sure to properly register your rental for tax purposes. At the same time, there are several tax advantages of being a landlord. However, they may easily be overlooked, especially when you are new in the role as a landlord and have a lot of other matters to take care of in your everyday life.

The tax advice includes:

• Preliminary telephone conference
• Discussions of the tax rules / requirements regarding rental of property
• Advice on requirements for preparation of tax accounts
• Advice on tax return requirements
• Advice on choice of tax form; the business scheme ect.
• Advice on the overall financial impact
• Offer on preparation of tax accounts

With our auditing advice, you will be completely in control of your rental. You comply with all the rules and ensure that everything runs smoothly. When everything is registered and taxed correctly, you can save a lot of money. Solely by fully managing your deduction, you may save up to 2000 EUR annually.


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In case that you don’t receive your rent, we are your assurance of a quick and easy process which ensures you do not lose a dime. In cooperation with our lawyer, we manage the case for you.



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