Living Suites

Living Suites

Housing Denmark and Living Suites

30 m² Apartment Hotel | 990 DKK per night

Nærum, 2850No. 201702538

The Studio Apartment is 30 m² and has a fully equipped kitchen

30 m² — 22,500 DKK / md.

34 m² Apartment Hotel | DKK 1090 per night

Nærum, 2850No. 201702546

Need a little more space? Our XL Studio Apartment provides an open environment where you can get organized and make yourself at home.

34 m² — 22,500 DKK / md.

65 m² Apartment Hote | DKK 1.150 per nightl

Nærum, 2850No. 201702540

A One Bedroom Apartment is the perfect fit for individuals, couples, friends, and small families who seek more comfort.

65 m² — 34,500 DKK / md.

70 m² Apartment Hotel | DKK 1.250 per night

Nærum, 2850No. 201702541

If you are traveling with your family or just need plenty of space and more comfort, the Two Bedroom Apartment is the perfect choice.

70 m² — 37,500 DKK / md.

100 m² Apartment Hotel | DKK 1.450 per night

Nærum, 2850No. 201702544

This is our largest apartment. A perfect choice for families of up to 6 persons and guests who require plenty of space and superior comfort.

100 m² — 43,500 DKK / md.

60 m² Apartment Hotel | DKK 1.500 per night

Nærum, 2850No. 201702545

Great choice for families! We offer studio apartments which are connected with a door in between, giving you considerably more space and two bathroom

60 m² — 45,000 DKK / md.