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Student Housing

If you are already studying or starting soon, you may be looking for a student residence. This can be a long and hard process, and the latest inventory for Danish Construction shows that there is a large housing shortage in the Copenhagen area. In addition, prices are usually also high, which means that the normal housing market is not an opportunity for the students.


Housing Denmark receives from time to time attractive student housing for rental, which matches both geographical location and rent. We value customer service highly, and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.


To get a student residence, you must be in an SU-recognized education, a trainee education, an apprenticeship education or student education.


Sign up for a possible student residence by filling out the form below. We only contact you in connection with available student housing.

We have attractive student homes on the way!

If you were to be offered one of these, please fill in the below. By completing and submitting the form, you also agree that we can keep your data and contact you.

You can call us at +45 70 2004 70