Q&A with Steen Lundsfryd, CEO Housing Denmark

Q&A with Steen Lundsfryd, CEO Housing Denmark

What are your expectations for the rental market for the rest of 2021?

In line with the vaccine program, where the majority in group 50 have been vaccinated, I expect to see the rental market back to its normale in regard to landlords who have been posted, but have not yet been able to travel, due to Covid-19 and the entry ban in certain countries. As more and more countries have begun to cancel the entry ban, we will find that more Danes can now be posted – and thus their homes can be rented out. And where it was not possible for expats to travel to Denmark, due to our restrictions, it now is – and thus a greater need for rental housing. Housing Denmark is continuing to move forward – especially on our 'rental projects' – which is newly built apartments, with a unlimited rental period. Housing Denmark has created an even larger portfolio of rental projects and we expect these homes and projects to increase in the second half of 2021.  

Which homes do people show most interest in at the moment?

At this time of year, we often experience that many young people request apartments for sharing, because of their upcoming studies. We are also experiencing a great request for houses and villas for families with children, who is supposed to start school after the summer holidays.

What differentiates Housing Denmark from other rental real estate companies?

Since 2004, Housing Denmark has helped thousands of Danes seeking housing as well as expats, who have been posted to Denmark for a period of 2-4 years in connection with their job. And especially this group of people needs the maximum service, as the rental market can be a true "rental jungle" for many foreigners. Housing Denmark differs from other rental agencies by providing an extremely high service level. We understand foreign cultures and our employees has a high degree of diversity and are able to communicate in several different languages, which is important for several of our customers.

Which advice and recommendations would you give to people who have chosen a rental home?

If you choose to rent instead of buying, there can be several benefits, such as: financial freedom since you are no longer tied up with mortgages and other funds in an owner-occupied home, as well as more flexibility in relation to moving out – not having to sell. A rental home can typically be terminated with just 3 months notice, whereas an owner-occupied home must first be sold, making it more difficult to plan. Always remember to read the lease contract thoroughly - and get any legal assistance if there is something in the lease contract that you do not fully understand. Make sure that a move-in report is made - and make sure that any comments you have are noted in the move-in report. Also note that you always have 14 days after the move-in report has been prepared to report comments, in relation to hidden errors and omissions.