Questions from landlords

Questions from landlords

Typical questions from landlords

If you are considering to rent out your home through Housing Denmark, you may have a lot of questions, that you would like to have clarified.

Below are the questions that former landlords often ask us. If you need further clarification, or you can not find answers to your questions, please do not hesitate to contact us here.

Economical questions

Yes, all amounts regarding the commission agreement are including moms/VAT. It's statutory in Denmark when dealing with private customers, and we want to be transparent and straightforward - also to our corporate customers. Please be aware that our competitors declare their prices exclusive moms/VAT.

Housing Denmark charges 3 months deposit from the tenant. In addition, a few months of pre-paid rent is also charged in most cases.

The tenant will pay the deposit and pre-paid rent directly to Housing Denmark. If there is no administration agreement on the property then we will pay the monies directly on to you.

We would always advise that contact is made with an accountant, or SKAT directly with regards to taxation rules governing rental properties.

The marketing contribution covers the publication of your property on our webpage, which sees more than 30,000-35,000 yearly visitors. In addition, your property is marketed via other internet sites, such as “boligportalen,,” etc.

Commission agreement and lease contract

As the owner of the property, you of course have the right to find your own tenant during the commission agreement, but Housing Denmark is still due the full commission fee. We will of course also deal with the contract negotiations if you should so wish.

It is not possible to sell your property whilst the commission agreement is in force, although we would consider it under special circumstances.

The tenancy can never be revoked by the owner for the entire period that the property is being rented out. This is in accordance with Danish tenancy laws.

Tenants and showings

We typically have many company clients, or so called expats, who come to Denmark to work in various companies here. We also rent out to normal Danish families, couples or singles. All our tenants have been deemed to be good and stabile tenants.

We always need to have 2 sets of keys. This way we optimize our possibility of finding a tenant as fast as possible by using our various agents in the most optimal manner.

We do not recommend this. We normally have the highest possibility of renting out your property, if the customer together with the housing agents at Housing Denmark, can make their own impressions

The longer time we have to find a tenant, the higher the chance is that we can find a tenant with as little a time gap as possible. In general though, we would recommend starting showings around 3 months before you would like to have a new tenant to move in. It should however also be mentioned that it is not unheard of to have tenants view a property about 4 weeks before wanting to move in.

The period it takes to rent out a property is dependent upon a number of factors, such as the season, the state of the property, the area etc. Typically we see an average time period of around 6-8 weeks to rent out a property.

The property and property information

Yes, this information is very important for your potential tenants. 

Our housing agents will take pictures of your property, yet we recommend that you order a professional property photographer often used by us.

It is not expensive and the photographer ensures that your property is beeing presented in a perfect way in the right angles and the right light.

Furthermore he elaborates a useful plan of the property. Subsequently the pictures belong to you.

You have to deliver to us the information form, plus various bits of information which can be useful at showings, as this will improve the success rate for rental, as well as a faster contract period. If you are in doubt, then ask your housing agent.

We always recommend that you have the property professionally cleaned before the tenant moves in, so that you as the owner can enforce that the property has to be returned in the same state.

We always recommend that the property is painted before the tenant moves in. In this way we avoid any kind of doubt about the state of the property when handed over.


From the start, you will have one agent allocated to renting out your property. After the property has been rented out, you can always take up contact with this agent, or the property inspector who has worked on your property.