Housing Denmark in the city scene Housing Denmark in the city scene

Housing Denmark in the city scene

Have you seen us?


We have been present in most places around the country and we hope you have noticed us in one way or another. If you haven't yet noticed, you can get a closer look below.



Housing Denmark could be seen on Rådhuspladsen in Copenhagen in November 2016, where we were exposed to more than 1,000,000 people a week. Every day there are 62,000 cars and 23,500 cyclists pasing through Rådhuspladsen. The screens themselves measure 110 square meters.

Housing Denmark on Rådhuspladsen
Housing Denmark on Rådhuspladsen



Housing Denmark has also been on Scandinavia's largest LED display, measuring a total of 270 square meters in the middle of Odense City. Housing Denmark was exposed to more than 550,000 people

Odense walking street

Tower Lyngby highway

Each day more than 800,000 cars drives on Lyngby highway.

Lyngby highway

Buses in Copenhagen

Housing Denmark bus advertising
Housing Denmark bus advertising