Rent out your property

Get a free noncommitting assessment of your home

Rent out your property

Get a free noncommitting assessment of your home

Rent out your property

Four Gazelle-awards and two AAA-ratings makes Housing Denmark your best-suited partner if you plan to rent out your property. We work with several large Danish companies as well as embassies and international corporations.

The core of our business is based on providing housing, and in addition to that, we offer a variety of services such as management agreements, financial counselling, home insurance etc. Our dedicated staff handles all the wishes you may have when renting out your property.

Our main platform of communication is the Internet. Our website and business partners has an average of 500,000 visitors each month, ensuring our clients a broad source of advertising in Denmark as well as abroad. In 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 we received the Børsens Gazelle-award, so it is safe to say that we run fast for our clients! 

We guarantee you will be in safe hands with us. The needs and wishes of our clients continue to shape our business and we have great attention to detail. 

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How the rental process works

1 The initial contact

A member of our competent staff manages the initial contact by answering all your questions and adding your case to our internal system. This is optional and free og charge.

2 Viewing your property

Viewing your property is a free and noncommitting service that we offer to all our clients. During this step, you will meet with one of our knowledgeable Housing Agents, who will inspect your accommodation. Together you agree on a realistic level of rent.

3 The mediation agreement

Once you have decided to work with Housing Denmark, you sign a mediation agreement. As soon as this is done, we will immediatly start working on finding the otimal tenant for you and your home. The choice of whom you want as a tenant is yours - if you reject a tenant, we will find another at no extra cost.

4 Showing your home to prospective tenants

Our Housing Agents are in charge of showing your home to tenants. We will need you to provide us with a key so we have access to the property and can show it to prospective tenants.

5 Rental agreement

The deal is closed once you have approved a tenant and both parties have signed the rental contract. If you have opted for one of our management agreements (except the starter pack), we will work as "your extended arm" throughout the entire rental period, handling all of the communication with your tenant.

6 Payment

The tenant pays the deposit and first month's rent to Housing Denmark, and we then transfer the money to you (minus our fee). The payment to you is processed within six business days after your tenants has officially taken over the accommodation and we have received payment from the tenant.

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3 things you should be aware of when renting out

1 Permission

If you are living in a cooperative dwelling or a rented housing Housing Denmark would need a written approval from the board or the landlord. 

2 Responsibility

Even though you are using Housing Denmark, you still have obligations. Make sure that the property is available for viewings and comply with the appointment.

3 Administration Agreement

By choosing an Administrations Agreement all your worries will be handeled and your property will be rented out faster.