Questions from tenants

Questions from tenants

Typical questions from tenants

Are you currently looking for a new home, and are considering whether you wish to rent your rental through Housing Denmark?

You probably got a lot of questions - below we have compiled the most frequent ones.

Should you need further assistance please do not hesitate to contact us here.

Economical questions

No, Housing Denmark services er free for all tenants. 

Housing Denmark rents out properties for private owners and therefore has to be able to present you, as the tenant, in the best possible light for our owners, as they make the final decision on the choice of tenant. The more information we have about you, the better we are able to present you to our owners, which will increase your chances of obtaining your chosen rental property. 

No, consumption charges for water, heat, cable TV/internet are never included in the monthly rental.

In apartments it is the norm to pay for water and heat to the owner via the rental contract. For utility payments in houses, water is paid “acconto”(monthly) to the owner via the rental contract, but the other costs are most often paid directly to the utility companies. For specific information on the property that you are interested in please ask your housing agent.

As per Danish Law, the owner has to show a calculation for usage which is why this cost is separated out from the rental payments.

We normally ask for a 3 month deposit.

The due date for this payment is 6 days from the tenant receiving the contract, notwithstanding the start date of the property rental. This should always be paid directly to Housing Denmark.

When the rental contract has come to an end, then the owner or Housing Denmark will, under normal circumstances, repay the deposit within 6-8 weeks after moving out, as the owner has a 2-4 week objection period.

If there is no possibility of an immediate reading of the heating meters, then the owner or Housing Denmark will hold back a smaller amount for later payment of the heating bills. This is done, as the supply companies only supply information about the yearly consumption once a year. When Housing Denmark receives this data, we will offset this bill against the remaining deposit, and then pay the balance back to the tenant.

As a tenant you are also able to choose an immediate settlement, which means that Housing Denmark calculates the expected extra heat usage, if any, and the costs for needed repairs to the property etc. Shortly after you receive the remaining deposit and don’t need to wait for the data from the supply companies.

Note that if the property is not handed back to the owner in the correct condition, and the lease needs to be refurbished by the owner, under the responsibilities of the tenant, the owner has the right to use the deposit to cover his costs and may therefore hold the deposit for a longer time.

Yes. You cannot use your deposit to offset this rent. If the rent is not paid in the last 3 months, this will be deemed a breach of contract. 

Yes, in so far that you are renting an unfurnished property it is your own responsibility to insure your contents, but if you are renting a furnished property, then the owner’s contents insurance will cover this furniture.

If you, as tenant, bring with your own furniture along with other items, such as computers etc., then it is your own responsibility to insure these items which will not be encompassed by the owners insurance.

Renovation can be charged when renting a house and includes such items as the collection of waste from the property. This will be charged annually. 

Commission agreement and lease contract

When you sign a confirmation of lease, you are obliged to take this specific rental, unless there are items you were not made aware of at the outset of making the agreement.

This means, that you, as the tenant, after 9 months, can terminate the rental with 3 months warning, without a specific reason to the owner.

In so far as you may wish to have a diplomatic clause in your contract, this means, that you, during the entire rental period can terminate with 3 months warning, if you have to move from Denmark unforeseen. This does, however also mean that you cannot terminate the contract before time during the entire contract period, if you are only moving within Denmark. 

Tenants and showings

Our housing agents show properties Monday through Friday from 9-17, and weekends upon agreement.

There is no set number of properties that Housing Denmark would show you. We try to match your property wishes with what we have available.

We would therefore ideally put together a portfolio of properties as close to your wishes as possible to show you.

If we still have not managed to find you a suitable property, then we will of course continue to look out for other incoming properties if you should so wish.

Housing Denmark is the provider of rented property from private owners and therefore has to present you in the best possible light to our owners as they have to make the final decision on the choice of tenant. The more information we have about you, the better chances you have to become the tenants of your property of choice. 

Yes, to arrange a showing you can let us know via phone, website or via an email. If you choose to communicate via the website or email then we will ensure that you always obtain an answer within 24 hours.

You will at a minimum always be able to speak Danish and English with our personnel. 

The property and property information

There are various possibilities with regards to the condition of the rental property at handover.

This is most often determined by the owner. A property can either be newly renovated, can have newly painted walls and ceilings or it can be rented in the existing condition.

This will of course be written into the contract and the moving in report, in so far that such a report is commissioned. You always have to deliver the property back in the same state as you received it in.

If there is an administration agreement on the property then Housing Denmark will arrange this. If there is not, then you have to arrange this directly with the owner when moving in.

If the property is under the administration agreement then contact Housing Denmark, otherwise you will need to contact the owner directly.

In Denmark we have several companies offering cable TV, for example YouSee and Boxer. The responsibility for this arrangement falls under that of the tenant unless it has been otherwise agreed in the rental contract.

In Housing Denmark we offer rental furniture packages for all type of rental properties.

If you rent a furniture package from us, you will be able to move into your property without having to bring anything else apart from your own personal items such as clothes, computer, etc. You also do not need to worry about assembling the furniture or taking it down, we will deal with that.

Yes, it is part of the duty of the tenant to look after the attached private garden for properties with a garden. 

In general all changes on the property have to be agreed in advance with the owner, before any work is begun.

When you take over a rental property in Denmark all white goods which have already been installed come with the property, unless otherwise informed. This means that the owner cannot take these with him when moving out.

This typically would cover the fridge, freezer, dishwasher, washing machine and dryer. This however, may vary from property to property. Ask our housing agents for information on the specific property you are interested in.