Article at Inforevision about Housing Denmark

Article at Inforevision about Housing Denmark

House rental with pace and 100% focus

16 years of experience in leasing housing to expat employees from large international companies has given Housing Denmark A/S a solid basis for renting out entire projects. Today, the quadruple gazelle is the country's largest provider of rental housing. "Legal, financial, practical and administrative, leasing can be a jungle if you've never tried it before," says CEO Steen Lundsfryd. Therefore, he offers landlords and tenants tax advice in collaboration with inforevision.

“It is not rocket science to take in a home and rent it out. It's all that in between that counts. "

This is what the owner and CEO of Housing Denmark A / S, Steen Lundsfryd says. With renting as his absolute focus, in 2004 he established the company, which has since grown into a thriving business with 23 employees and a record turnover in 2019.



A network in the international environment

On the wall of the Hellerup headquarters, four Børsen Gazeller leap side by side with four AAA credit ratings, and if you ask your connections on LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook for bids for effective renters, Housing Denmark is likely to tap in as one of the first. This solid position is due not least to a wide-ranging network that Steen Lundsfryd and his staff have built up over the years in the international environment. The Housing Denmark customer database therefore contains a large number of large Danish and international companies, which often need to help expatriate employees - also called expats - either rent or rent a home in Denmark during the posting.



Flexibility, speed and high service

In addition, Housing Denmark feels the positive effects of its massive online marketing of projects - ie. rental housing in newly constructed or modernized residential properties. A relatively new market where Housing Denmark has got a really good grip.

“The project rental has opened not just a door, but a whole gate for Danish tenants, and we go to the task in the same way as when it comes to our expats. Here flexibility, pace and high service are simply crucial to getting a rental agreement in house, ”says Steen Lundsfryd and continues:

“Our focus is 100% on rental. It is not a side job for eg home sales. We don't just put up a sign outside the road or hold an open house on Sundays where people have to queue to 'be allowed' to see a trial apartment. We are ready when the tenant is ready - also Tuesday afternoon - and I can see that approach pays off. ”



In high gear on the digital front

Thanks to digital solutions, the company can serve its customers across continents, cultures and time zones. So when the pandemic shut down Denmark and the rest of the world in early 2020, Steen Lundsfryd and his team geared up and were quickly on the field with online reviews, digital displays and web solutions that worked without physical meetings.



Keep an eye on the accommodation and look after the tenants

Over the years, Steen Lundsfryd has experienced a growing demand for both professional advice and practical assistance in connection with leasing, and today Housing Denmark offers a wide range of services that customers can choose for according to their needs and life situation.

“Legally, economically, practically and administratively, renting can be a jungle if you've never tried it before. That is why both tenants and landlords use us to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Furthermore, many of our customers stay abroad, or they move here as expats, and they want the peace of mind that we keep an eye on the accommodation and take good care of the tenants, ”says Steen Lundsfryd.



Tax advice can give landlords big savings

One of the latest services at Housing Denmark is tax advice. It is provided by inforevision's tax experts and is addressed to private landlords who would like to ensure that they are properly registered and taxed. And that can be a really good idea. By managing your deductions alone, you can quickly save 15,000 or more in tax per year on an average home.

“It is important to get off to a good start as a homeowner by knowing the requirements and rules that are laid down in the tax legislation, so you avoid getting caught. If one is posted, there may also be important issues related to tax liability abroad and at home. As advisors, we help to get an overview, gather the threads and take advantage of the opportunities so that you do not cheat yourself for any deductions, ”says Flemming Saabye, head of the tax department in inforevision.



A good match that creates value

“The many deductions mean that you as a landlord can't just copy what others have done. Creating the optimal model requires individual guidance and can be obtained from inforevision. Their specialized advice creates real value for our customers and they execute with a professionalism and commitment that matches our business really well. I really feel we have something to offer each other, ”says Steen Lundsfryd and ends as he began:

“It's not rocket science to take in a home and rent it out. It's all that in between that counts. "

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