Housing Denmark A/S is turning 15 years

Housing Denmark A/S is turning 15 years

From starting a business in an apartment to a award winding business on Strandvejen in Hellerup. Housing Denmark is the largest housing agency in Denmark, and the company rents out houses to expats from all over the world. This year, the company is turning 15 years. Read more, and join our journey.

“Our business concept is not rocket science. What is rocket science is the way we do it. We are working on some principles and models that have proven to be a great success. The landlords know that when they contact us, their accommodation will be rented out quickly and efficiently. That's what characterizes us, ”says Steen Lundfryd, CEO of Housing Denmark.

A lot has happened in 15 years, and Housing Denmark has set and reached many, important milestones in its journey. From the basic establishment of the company and the targeted work towards the position as Denmark's largest housing provider for geographical expansion and project rentals.

The early start

In 2004, Housing Denmark A / S was established by Steen Lundsfryd. The first and most important task will be to establish the company and establish the name. There must be goods on the shelves, and there must be customers that Steen drives up one by one: "I call HR and finance departments and say, 'we exist'. If there are some who just whine about them looking for a home or have a home, then I won't let go until I have it. ”

It is quite clear to Steen, that Housing Denmark must be located in the area around Hellerup. A large part of the Danish decision-makers live and frequent here, and this is also where the embassies are located. “To start with, I have an apartment in Klampenborg, where the office is. Then I move the office to Hellerup in an old embassy residence in a residential neighborhood. We were centrally located in Hellerup, but we didn't get any exposure. Therefore, in 2007 we will take over a retail space on Strandvejen in Hellerup, where we establish the company.

A good business ahead

In 2013, the development will be seriously boosted, as the country's then largest housing intermediary Scandia Housing goes bankrupt: “I immediately put in the ticket to buy the asset in the bankruptcy estate. We are five companies on the bid, but it is me who eventually runs with Scandia Housing. This is where the turbo is really set for things, ”says Steen. There must be room for growth and expansion, so in 2013 Housing Denmark moves to the headquarters on Strandvejen 70 in Hellerup, where the company is today.


Following the acquisition of Scandia Housing, Housing Denmark sets the goal of occupying the position as the largest player in the market. “We are reaching the goal and I would estimate that we have held that position for 5 years now. We receive the gazelle award in 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017, and at the same time we are credited with being a company with the highest credit rating with a triple AAA. We are very proud of this, ”says Steen.


Housing Denmarks Services ApS

Housing Denmark Services will be formally established as an independent company in 2013, but is of course still part of Housing Denmark. Today, the company stands on its own feet and largely provides all current services. "It's important to have a set-up that supports our core business with services," Steen says.

Jutland and Funen appear on the map

The next goal is for Housing Denmark to be cemented throughout Denmark. Several models are being tested, and in 2016 the right model will be found. A Housing Agent is employed full time in Jutland, and this proves to be a successful development.

Full speed on project rental

In 2018, Housing Denmark sets another milestone. The company must establish itself within project leasing, and this will be targeted. At the start of 2019, the company will be joining Project Leasing Director Peter Buch with the team, which today is out meeting industry players, representing Housing Denmark and inviting major leasing projects. There are several exciting rental projects coming in, which are being rented out - today it is a great success.

It has now been 15 years and housing Denmark is still accelerating its development and new plans. But it is important to stick to the core values: “We must maintain our position in the market and our dedicated employees, and then we must become even bigger in project rental, because we also have a really good business concept here that works,” Steen concludes.